The Rules

Initially, the players become familiar with the rules and safety. Then, wearing protective vests, uniforms, masks, receive weapons and divided into two groups go on the field, accompanied by a judge and instructor. One “combat” lasts 2-15 minutes (on average 2-5 minutes). In between battles players can have a rest, clean of paint and charge the weapon. In general, the game lasts for 1.5 -3 hours, depending on the desires and capabilities of players.

Our instructors will explain scenarios and combat missions. You will participate in various operations, you’ll have to storm the building and protect them.

The game is controlled by the judge and the instructors. They monitor compliance with the rules and conduct of fair play. Particular attention is paid to compliance with safety regulations.

After the game, you can discuss your "battle" in a nice atmosphere with a beer and barbecue.

We are pleased to welcome you from 09:00 until late in any weather condition and season.

The cost of games and rules are explained in "prices" and "rules".

Safety - our main priority. All equipment used is safe and is designed specifically for playing paintball. The basic principle of safety is protection of the eyes. On the field, always wear a protective mask! Judges are carefully monitoring the observance of this rule.